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 AutoCAD 3D Training 

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2 Day Consultation and Training course - £400 

Accredited AutoCAD 3D course introducing modelling concepts, and key techniques for working in AutoCAD’s 3D environment.

    - Create 3D models from 2D designs.
    - Use solid modelling, surface modelling and mesh modelling techniques.
    - Create full working drawings of your 3D models.
    - Produce visualisations of models, incorporating lighting and materials.


Virtual Live Online Classes

Our trainers teach the necessary theory then demonstrate techniques step-by-step. You then practice the techniques taught on a computer running AutoCAD.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, and you can take away all the files you create.
AutoCAD 3D training guide and certificate

You’ll receive:

    A practical AutoCAD training guide, to refer to during the course and use as a refresher after. Choose from a printed, bound guide or a PDF – whatever suits you best. If you’re participating online and you choose a printed guide, we’ll post this to you.

    An e-certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited AutoCAD 3D training course.

AutoCAD certification exams

When you attend AutoCAD training, you’re not assessed and there is no exam to sit. We teach you practical skills you can use in the real world, not prepare you to sit a test.

If you want to gain an industry-recognised credential in AutoCAD, we offer an Autodesk certification exam that you can sit on a future date.

Exams are sat online, from your place of work or home. For further details, see Certification exam.
After course support

Following AutoCAD 3D training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their AutoCAD trainer to help with any post-course issues. For further details, see Support. For further details, see Support.

You should be familiar with the fundamentals of AutoCAD, i.e. have attended AutoCAD Essentials training or have equivalent knowledge through other means.

Ideally, you will be proficient in some or all of the techniques taught in our AutoCAD Intermediate course, but this isn’t essential.
AutoCAD version

Training is based primarily on AutoCAD 2024. It is relevant to users of AutoCAD 2018 and later, running on a Windows computer.

You must have access to full AutoCAD to be able to carry out the techniques taught in this course. AutoCAD LT does not support 3D modelling.

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