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The Best Health Insurance Companies

Updated July 2021

Independent Advisors rounded up a complete list of the best health insurance based on top ratings and awards for 2021.

UK health insurance providers:

AXA, Aviva, Bupa, General medical, Freedom Healthnet, The Exeter, Vitality Health, Health-on-Line, Saga and WPA

Why did these health insurers top the list in 2021?

When full cover best medical insurance is involved people get confused as to what they should get. The Companies above have ranked high in offering policies that contain most healthcare core features People looked for:

Consultant fees Diagnostic fees Medication fees Surgery fees Hospital fees Anesthesia fees Complete Cancer Cover fees

Based on customer opinion, the above features are the most common things they look for when considering health insurance and are the most common claims when reviewing insurance claims forms.

The providers listed offered plans covering standard plans alongside full cover policy, not only being affordable but they covered extensive areas which made consumers feel they are getting value for money As we know there are many home and car insurance companies out there but in respect to health insurance brands the numbers are small and ones we listed are near enough the majority When you think of health insurance it is best to consider what features best suit your needs depending on age or the lifestyle you have and pay attention to extra benefits providers might offer. For example, if you are under 35 you may feel your chances of having cancer are slim and therefore not important to worry about and you are best concentrating on physiotherapy benefits instead. The list of best health insurers is based on those companies offering common wide covers those involving procedures, including surgery and cancer. Some of their features included specific benefits that majority of people seek and find relevant. They include:

Private Hospitals: Offering access to all private practices available near you.

Virtual GP: With rising populations and long waiting times to see a GP a virtual GP is the new trend. Accessing GP via an app is becoming popular, booking appointments from your home and a doctor is able to diagnose you or prescribe treatment through a virtual app has never been so easy and more convenient.

Mental Health: the UK leading the world in fight for mental health and depression, making it as important as physical injuries and all other serious illnesses. All insurers are now working together and provide plans to cover all mental health therapy costs. AXA leading the insurers by giving unlimited cover for mtnal health treatment - The Comprehensive Plan. Bupa plan not only covers you, they cover the whole family in fight against mental health treatment including children.

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