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Hello Coffee: Is a man's height really important for women?

"Women hate short men" - Words spoken one night by a male friend having dinner with some friends. We were 3 men and 4 women, friends and we were having a good night chatting about different things when we ended up talking about relationships and the opposite sex. Questions were asked from both sides and most of us men were so similar in answers when it came to what we liked in women and what was an instant attraction. However, when it came to the girls they seem to have a variety of different views and ideas about the ideal man. Status, charms, Educated, financially stable, good job, sporty, funny, sensitive, and yes "Height".

One girl said she was interested in a man who was stable financially but the other girl was happy to sacrifice stability if the man was charming and funny. One was attracted to men who has muscles and like physical sport activities while the other was happy for a slim man as long as he was educated and able to hold an intellectual conversation with her, money was no issue. One girl hated loud spoken men who love talking about themselves while the other didn't mind if her man was self centred and loves attention. A fun night and great secrets were shared but then one of the guys said "What about a short man". A slight silence and few paused faces hit the ladies, we noticed they went into deep thought mode and we started to laugh. He realised they were slow in answering so he decided to put more pressure on them and shouted out "Women hate short men - be honest",

It was amazing to see how all 4 women agreed that on paper they truely don't want a short man, but they did agree that exceptions can be made if he ticked 3 or 4 other boxes, which can be pretty tough from a woman's point of view because hardly a man is capable of ticking more than 2 boxes. Two of the girls said a man is not defined by his height but by his personality and if he was sincere and kind then yes they would date him but the thought of him being shorter will always be in the back of their minds. One of them was smart enough to find the real reason behind such female thoughts, she said we as girls grow up to think that one day we will meet prince charming "A Knight in shining armor", he is here to protect us and love us for the rest of our lives. We grow up to think men are here to protect us and we start to visualise from young years that a man who is big, tall and physically strong is the prince we are looking for.

After her point of view I myself believed that she is actually making sense of what she was saying. Women in general all want a man who can protect them, make them feel safe, happy and wanted but it seems they were in some way brainwashed into thinking protection comes from height and size. When you dig deeper into this subject you'll realise boys and girls are truelly brainwashed by Media, TV, movies and cartoons and somehow these pictures live with them in adulthood years. It really is noting where those thoughts have come from, the height of a man from a woman's prespective has been subject for decades. Psychology plays a big part in the height debate for women, men who are tall can protect them physically and fend off any threats, so they think...

Height filtering has always been listed as the top choice in dating apps for women. This doesn't mean that short men will never be able to date taller girls, we all know women are unique and their choices for a male partner varies vastly and its Pot-Luck for man, but being short does put a man at a disadvantage because short men will always be filtered as a last choice.


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