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Sunset of Marine City

TopazLabs 2020 Software
                     With 17 Legacy Plugins
For Mac and Windows

Instant Download


 17 Legacy Plugins


Classic Topazlabs 2020 Software Bundle (Mac & Windows)

 With 17 Licence Keys           

Perpetual - Non Expiry Licence 

We are proud to continue selling the older version Topaz Software 2020 Bundle at low prices to suite your needs and budget. Discontinued in 2020 priced $599 and currently replaced by AI plugins and Studio.

  •  All 17 Licence Keys are included  

  •  All 17 Legacy Classic plugins are included 

  •  Plugins can be used as Standalone or added in Lightroom and Photoshop 

  •  PhotoFXLab is included. A standalone editor for accessing all your Topaz plugins. 

  •  PhotoFXlab is good for those who do not wish to work with Photoshop or Lightroom. 


Topaz ADJUST 5

Ultimate control over image exposure, detail, and color.

Topaz DeJPEG 4

Advanced JPEG 
artifact reduction 
filters eliminate JPEG compression artifacts

Topaz Lens Effects

Your virtual camera bag of effects simulated from real lenses and filters. 

Topaz Star Effects

Create beautifully 
rendered and natural lighting effects in seconds!

Topaz REMASK 5

Remove unwanted 
backgrounds from 
digital images

quickly and easily

with ReMask. 


standalone editor 
workshop for accessing all of your Topaz plugins. 


external editor required to use To-
paz Labs in Lightroom, iPhoto and Aperture. 


Alter your image’s look by applying one of over a thousand color filters.


Transform your 
regular photo into an oil painting,

watercolor, line & ink drawing

Topaz InFocus

sharpening solution refines 

with micro-contrast detail enhancement.

Topaz DETAIL 3

Output & creative 
sharpening with three levels of intricate and specific detail 

Topaz DeNoise 6

Advanced high-ISO noise reduction tech-
nology that eliminates noise

Topaz B&W Effects

Develop unique and compelling photography


Flawless image definition. Dynamically enhance image contrast.

Topaz CLEAN 3

Specializes in creating crisp and stylized images. Extensive smoothing 


Topaz GLOW 2

 Vivid effects by illuminating the contours of your images

Topaz Simplify 4 - Quickly create many types of digital art, resulting in beautiful painterly and graphic effects.

 Purchase Details: 

  • Topazlabs 2020 17 plugin bundle is not for AI Plugins and not for Topaz Studio.

  • Topazlabs 2020 17 plugin bundle is the older discontinued version from 2020.

  • Serves the same purpose and as good as new version.

  • Discontinued versions cannot be registered on Topazlab website.

Topaz Labs Classic Plugin software does not collect any personally identifiable information whatsoever.


Customer Information

What happens after payment?


You will instantly receive a file which contains 2 links from our Google-Drive.


  •  Link 1 is for downloading topazlabs Windows version. 

  •  Link 2 is for downloading topazlabs Mac version. 

  •  The file will also contain your 17 Licence keys to activate plugins. 


Follow instructions and your software will be downloaded, installed and activated within 5-10 minutes. We use Google Drive services because Topazlabs plugins bundle is 1.5GB in size which is quite a large file to download.

  • Topaz Lens Effects 1

  • Topaz B&W Effects 2

  • Topaz Star Effects 1

  • Topaz photoFXlab 1

  • Topaz Clarity 1

  • Topaz ReStyle 1

  • Topaz Clean 3

  • Topaz Glow 2

  • Topaz Texture Effects 2

  • Topaz Adjust 5

  • Topaz Impression 2

  • Topaz ReMask 5

  • Topaz DeNoise 6

  • Topaz DeJPEG 4

  • Topaz Detail 3

  • Topaz Simplify 4

  • Topaz InFocus 1

Screenshot 2022-05-18 235133.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-20 194113.jpg

17 Licence Keys Included

maxresdefault (1)_edited.jpg

Digital Download

Please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions about Topazlabs.

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