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Autodesk Autosketch 10

Question: Will Sketch 10 work on Windows 10?

Answer: Autosketch 10 works on all windows. We have tested this software on Win XP, Vista, 7 and 10.

Question: Does it come with a manual?

Answer: This product doesn't come with a manual but we can provide a PDF manual via our Google Drive upon request if needed. It will be Free.

Question: Any difference between Autosketch 9 and Autosketch 10?

Answer: We sell both Sketch 9 and 10 and both are the same, there's no difference between the two versions 2007 or 2008.

Question: Can I register this product on Autodesk website?

Answer: No. Autosketch 10 is a discontinued product. It cannot be registered online and no Autodesk customer support accessible.  

Question: After installation I get an option to register my email and name!

Answer: Yes, Once installation is complete you can enter your name and email to register the software and Licence on your PC/Laptop.

Question: What happens if Autosketch 10 doesn't work on my laptop?

Answer: Please contact us and we will try to help you install and activate program correctly. if Autosketch 10 isn't compatible with your machine then we will refund you with no questions asked. Our priority is 100%

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Architecture trends in 2023

Architecture is one of the areas that does not stand still in time. New things are born continuously. For the year 2021, here is the new architectural vogue.

Ecological infrastructures

Green solutions are more and more present in architecture, which aims to be more ecological. In recent years, architects have incorporated nature into their designs. The year 2021 will be no exception. The constructions and decorations will be made of natural materials resulting from recycling . Strategies will be deployed to erect buildings oriented towards green spaces and which enhance the plant species. Raw materials will also be used which do not have a negative impact on health and the living environment.

Renovation and updating of old buildings


This trend, which started in the second decade of 2000, will continue during this year. Rather than investing in building new homes, many homeowners prefer older homes and outsource the renovation to architects . The latter are more in demand for renovation and restoration work on old houses. The old buildings are the subject of major works aimed at modernizing them and enhancing them with a more ecological dimension. The durability of the construction is based on the strength of the materials used.

Passive and intelligent homes

Technological development has encouraged the development of dynamic plans. Homes are tech-oriented, and the trend is for all-tech homes . They have the advantage of making life easier for their occupants on several levels. There is more safety and comfort. All systems are automated, reducing the number of trips. These homes are more environmentally friendly and offer absolute energy control. Electrical devices (heaters, air conditioners, lamps, etc.) only turn on when necessary.

The passive house is one that is oriented towards energy saving. This type of construction is in great demand today because it lowers the energy bill and reduces indoor heat loss . The proportions of the building are compact and above all balanced. The insulation is effective in addition to being of high quality. This house frees its owner from his dependence on fossil fuels.

More Open Spaces

The new constructions will have more open spaces. There are balconies, terraces and patios and verandas that bring more comfort to homes. Particular emphasis will be placed on the design.

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