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Limited Stock

Embird 2017 Embroidery Software.

Embird Manager and Embird Editor

Comes with 2 paid Plug-ins absolutely FREE

Cross Stitch & Sfumato Stitch


32Bit for Windows 10/8/7/XP/vista

(32Bit works on 64Bit)

Design Patterns, resize, split, edit, display, print and convert embroidery designs

120,000 Embroidery Designs Included

Buyer Information:


  • Buyers of Embird 2017 will be given 3 Passwords that we will personally create for them to install and activate the software.​ This is a security measure to stop any type of Reselling of our product.

  • We at Oliver Lewis Consultation do not permit any type of Embird 2017 reselling and we are not interested in Middle-Men, Drop-Shippers, or Resellers.

  • We will send you clear instructions with photos on how to install and activate Embird 2017.

24 Hours Online Support



Check Sample Designs PDF or go to Blog Section


Convert Any Embroidery File Format

Embird can also view the following image file types: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PCX, .PNG, .PSD, .TGA, .TIF.

You can rotate, mirror, resize, crop and convert images.




Our 120,000 Embroidery Designs

Completely Free with this package

We arranged all patterns into categories.


Your search time is cut short and you won't have to spend hours looking for those special designs that you want to work with.


Animals, Flowers, Children, Fairies, Butterflies, Love, Cartoons, Vehicles,

Fonts, Sea Creatures, 

Traditional Floral Quilting Patterns,

Occasions, Sports,

Dragons, Trees

and much more

 You'll be lost for choice!


Main Features of Embird Manager:


- Converts designs among many file formats

- Supports different hoop types and sizes.

- Processes designs in ZIP and RAR archives.

- Displays designs in 1:1 scale and other scales.

- Creates (displays, prints and saves into .BMP or .JPG file) various types of design documentation.

- Provides photo realistic preview of designs in order to enable assigning of proper colors to needles - and to check the design without actual embroidering.

- Contains many threads catalogs and finds thread closest to chosen color.

- Reads and writes designs stored on floppy or hard disks in various embroidery formats.



Main Features of Embird Editor:


- Insert and delete colors in design.

- Join and split designs. Interactive free-hand splitting is supported.

- Move, resize with density adjustment, center, mirror, rotate and skew designs or their parts.

- Editing of single stitches or parts of design.

- Simulation of sewing.

- Sorting of colors.

- Import design directly from Embird Cross Stitch, Studio, Thread, Machine Cross Stitch 2000 and Sfumato Stitch programs.



Cross Stitch plug-in allows to create new cross stitch designs, even with outlines. Design is digitized so that user puts pixels into a grid either on a blank background or on an image. When finished, each pixel is compiled into cross and the design is launched into Embird Editor for final adjustment and save in desired embroidery format. Installation file of Cross Stitch is included in Embird installation file. If you have Embird installed already, Cross Stitch is installed too. However, registration fee of Embird does not cover registration of Cross Stitch. Unregistered Cross Stitch plug-in has stitch limit and saving of the finished design is not enabled in Editor. See also Insert Menu.



Sfumato Stitch plug-in is program for creating multicolor designs from photos. It creates designs with use of small curves of stitches that approximate brightness of image. Current version produces designs with up to 22 colors. With our special algorithm for stitches calculation, Sfumato Stitch produces designs with fine detail and crisp edges even at small size. Sfumato Stitch plug-in and Digitizing Tools plug-in create the Studio program. Download installation file for Studio from and run it on your computer. Unregistered Sfumato Stitch plug-in has stitch limit and saving of the finished design is not enabled in Editor. 


Thousands of Embroidery Designs to meet all your needs

View PDF Sample of some of our Patterns here 

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