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How to study for the PMP Exam - 2021 Study Guide


PMBOK 6th is the Best source to pass the PMP exam

Study the glossary to understand the terminology

It will teach you how to break down 49 strategies and help you recognize how things work together. The PMBOK® manual is a tool for organizing knowledge and each procedure falls into one of 10 know-how areas. The PMBOK® guide is organized round these know-how areas.

10 Important PMP exam areas you must focus on:


1. Project Integration Management 2. Project Scope Management 3. Project Schedule Management 4. Project Cost Management 5. Project Quality Management 6. Project Resources Management 7. Project Communications Management 8. Project Risk Management 9. Project Procurement Management 10. Project Stakeholder Management

Introduce yourself with the PMP Prep books we give you. Start reading one of them and complete it. Focus hard on doing the tests provided. After doing the mock tests refer to PMBOK for areas that you need to work more on or improve.

How to manage preparation:

2-3 months is average study plan - 6-8 hours on weekend and 1-2 hours on weekdays.


It's important to know that it won't be possible for you to learn everything by heart. The best way is to do as many tests as you can then go back to the books for referral. Our package provides more than 3000 current 2021 pmp exam questions which you won't find anywhere else.


Get the fundamentals Correct

Get the Maths (Video Seminar we send you will help you with this)

Make a set plan.

Do as many PMP Test as you can.

Think from PMBOK only.​ We cannot stress how important pmbok 6th is.

Of course there's no best way to study for the PMP exam because each individual is different. Find your method and stick by this method. Do you enjoy learning from Video Courses, reading books, doing simulated tests, do you give yourself a lot of time or do you like doing things at the last minute. Whatever your method we have you covered, our package has it all, but we don't recommend short term study for the exam, this exam requires vigorous training and studying no matter what experience you think you may have.


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