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The Power of Mind Mapping Software

Mindmapping is the concept of putting all those scattered thoughts you or your company have in one place, Words and thoughts become a visual diagram. Sounds strange when you think about it! How are jumbled keywords on a page going to help you think or how a thousand words on a piece of software page will motivate me and help me improve my organisation, but in fact this method of mindmapping has been considered to be one of the best methods in building individual and company perfectionism.

Imagine how many thoughts go through your mind each day but how easy it is for your thoughtsto get lost because you're being occupied by other things around you. Imagine how employees in a company are throwing ideas and new concepts in the office but none get recorded and only a few are jotted down and put into action, valuable ideas lost leading to lower productivity.

Mind Mapping not only stores all the information that crosses your path it eventually connects everything together from one central concept that leads to a prefect result, solution or answer.

We have tested and used a few of the top Mind Mapping software available out there but at OliverlewisConsultation we use Mindjet Mindmanager BUY HERE £49.99, in our opinion still the best and most affordable. The mind map online features are great and incomparable to any other program we used and still favoured by all other big coorperations.

Some of the Software we tried were:




MindManager 2020 Project Creation OliverLewis

Look at the mind map example above. A Birthday Party is being thought, a centralized concept and see how ideas start to branch out by one person when it's put down in mind map format. A birthday party can be simple to do but imagine an immorable party, one that can be remeber by all for years to come. Think of how many parties we have organised previously and how many things we forgot to buy for that particular event. Mind mapping leaves no room for mistakes and gives a perfect result no matter how occupied you are. Its the prefect thinking tool for you and your company.


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